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"...there ain't anything that is so interesting to look at as a place that a book has talked about."

-Tom Sawyer Abroad

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Gallery 8Roadtrip Up AmericaJuly 4-7, 2007
Gallery 7Roadtrip Down AmericaDecember 2005
Gallery 6Roadtrip Across America II 2005Reorganized February 15, 2010
Gallery 5Outside DC - Virginia and Maryland 2004Reorganized February 15, 2010
Gallery 4Washington, DC 2004-2005Reorganized February 15, 2010
Gallery 3Roadtrip Across America 2004Reorganized February 15, 2010
Gallery 2Junket to Austria 2003Updated December 31, 2004
Gallery 1Spokane, WA 2002-2003Updated July 12, 2005