Junket to Austria Photo Gallery - Prague, Czech Republic

18-19 Juli 2003

Prague Castle & Charles Bridge
Nick's favorite photo from the trip

Prague Manhole Cover
Much, much fancier than manhole covers in the US or even many other European cities.

Ducks in the Vltava River!

Overnight Train Compartment
Nick was standing in the passageway taking the pictures, but his leg may be visible in the window.

Stare Mesto
The Old Town and the Texans

Stare Mesto
The Old Town
Church of Our Lady of Tyn and the Jan Hus Monument - "one of the most influential figures in Czech history, Jan Hus, who was burned alive in 1415 after being denounced as a heretic. The monument, designed in the Art Nouveau style by Ladislaus Saloun, was unveiled in 1915 - the 500th anniversary of Jan Hus's death."

Stare Mesto
The Old Town and the Jan Hus Monument

Astronomical Clock

Astronomical Clock and Church of Our Lady of Tyn

Prazsky Hrad
Prague castle

A statue, the Texans, and our tour guide

Wenceslas Square, leading to the National Museum
McDonald's is on the left, and it does have the best Cokes!

Vltava River from the Charles Bridge

Texans on the Charles Bridge

Nick on the Charles Bridge
Eh, someone has to take the pictures...

Charles Bridge
Recognizably lined with religious statues, the Charles Bridge hosts a collection of vendors and performers, and was featured in the movie, Mission Impossible.

Archbishop's Palace
Near the Prague Castle

Prague Cathedral interior

Prague Cathedral
Constructed over 600 years, St. Vitus's Cathedral was finally finished in 1929.

Prague Cathedral

Royal Palace within the Prague castle. The Defenestration of Prague occurred somewhere in this building.

Texans enjoy their audio tour of the cathedral. They later report that they heard no mention of the Defenestration of Prague.

Obelisk in the courtyard, as seen from a cathedral tower

View from Prague Cathedral

View from Prague Cathedral

Cathedral Tower Stairs
There were 287 steps to the top of the tower, which provided the best view of Prague and a good practice run for the Ulm Cathedral.

Prague Cathedral & Obelisk

Old Royal Palace
The Defenestration of Prague occurred somewhere in this building.

View of Prague and the Charles Bridge from the Palace. In the distance, Prague's 216 meter Zizkov Television Tower can be seen.

Throne Room

Possibly the Royal Crypt of Charles IV, Wenceslas IV, George of Podibrady and Rudolf II

The Golden Lane
A row of small and unique shops, giving the tourist many opportunities to calculate exchange rates.

Named after the goldsmiths who lived here in the 17th century, Golden Lane is popular with its tiny colourful houses built right into the arches of the Castle walls. In the 18th and 19th centuries they were occupied by squatters, later it was the home of the writer France Kafka (house 22) and the Nobel-laureate poet Jaroslaf Seifert.

A torture room, off the Golden Lane

A suit of armor, off the Golden Lane

Old Royal Palace
As seen from the Royal Garden.

Hradcany Square
Entrance to the Prague Castle

The American Embassy
After Nick was unable to catch up with to of the Texans in the castle, he set off on an expedition of his own - to find a little piece of America. He found the Texans several hours later, serendipitously, in the Old Town.

Church of Our Lady Victorious--Holy Child of Prague
"This 1613 early baroque church of the Carmelite order is famous throughout Italy and other predominantly Catholic countries for the wax statue of infant Jesus displayed on an altar in the right wing of the church. The Holy Child of Prague was presented to the Carmelites by the Habsburg patron Polyxena of Lobkowicz in 1628 and is revered as a valuable Catholic relic from Spain." (From Frommer's)
Photography was not allowed inside the church.

For more information, visit:
The City of Prague
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