Junket to Austria Photo Gallery - Innsbruck, Austria

3 Juli - 9 August 2003


The River Inn

Harp Fountain

Dom zu St. Jakob
St. James' Cathedral. This is actually two pictures, as you should be able to tell. The towers do not lean in like that.

St. Jakob's Interior
Located in the Old Town, St. Jakob's required extensive renovations after much of the church was destroyed in a 1944 air raid.

St. Jakob's Interior

St. Jakob's Interior

Goldenes Dachl
The Golden Roof, built to commemorate the marriage of Maximilian I and Bianca Maria Sforza, is now the symbol of Innsbruck.

Eugen Monument
Eugen Ferdinand Pius Bernhard Felix Maria, Archduke of Austria, Prince of Hungary and Bohemia (1863 - 1954), son of Karl Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria. A Leutenant in the Tiroler Kaiserjägerregiment (Tyrolean Imperial Regiment), he attained the rank of General Field Marshal in 1916. He was the last of the Habsburg family to reside in Innsbruck.

The Imperial Garden - This lavish Park was laid out in the 15th century on the grounds of the gardens of Archduke Leopold IV and Archduke Friedrich IV. In the early 19th century the gardens were transformed into a park with public access.

A giant chessboard and the American Musical Ambassadors - the reason why "Stars and Stripes Forever" reminds Nick of Austria.

Triumphal Arch, built in 1765 to commemorate the betrothal of Emperor Leopold II.

Built in 1948 to commemorate the liberation of Austria from the Nazis.

Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof
Train station

Leopoldsbrunnen Fountain
This equestrian statue, situated on Rennweg Street, is the oldest surviving depiction of a rearing horse north of the Alps. Its rider, Archduke Leopold V, was the ruler of Tirol from 1619 to 1632.

St Nikolas Church
Northwest of the Altstadt

Innsbruck Courtroom
In some cases, the candles and crucifix may be used for witnesses to swear oaths.

Innsbruck Courtroom

Tyrolean Legislature

Tyrolean Legislature

Anna Column - commemorates the Tyrolean victory on St. Anne's Day (July 26, 1703) after a bloody Bavarian invasion during the War of Spanish Succession


West side of the River Inn, opposite the Altstadt

Towering high above Innsbruck on the wooded Bergisel Hill, the brand-new Bergisel Ski Jump is a sight to behold. The hill itself is a historic site, scene of the 1809 battles in which Andreas Hofer led some Tyrolean peasants against French and Bavarian forces in the Tyrolean War of Independence. The first ski jump was erected here in the year 1925. And in 1964 and 1976, the Innsbruck Ski Jump was venue of the Olympic Ski Jumping competitions.

Basilica Wilten
Rebuilt between 1751 and 1755 on the site of a church built around 1259, Wilten's Parish and Pilgrimage Church, the Wilten Basilica, is one of the most splendid houses of worship in Tirol. As legend has it, even Roman Legionnaires were attracted to it by the fame of a Madonna Painting. The sandstone figure depicting Our Lady Under the Four Columns on the high altar had been the subject of pilgrimage since the Middle Ages.

Basilica Wilten Interior

Stiftskirche Wilten
Wilten Abbey - the church, built in 1655, stands within a monastery dating to the 12th Century.

Stiftskirche Wilten Interior

The River Inn

An Austrian billboard

Golden Roof and Golden Arches
Altstadt, McDonald's, and Goldenes Dachl


The brown pigeon

Innsbruck airport

Innsbruck airport
This plane is similar to the ones on which Nick flew in and out of Innsbruck.

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