Junket to Austria Photo Gallery - Institute on World Legal Problems

Innsbruck, Austria

7 July - 8 August 2003

Hotel Karwendel
Nick's home in Innsbruck

Nick's Room

View from Nick's Room

View from Nick's room

Night view from Nick's Room
It really did look much better than this, but my camera isn't very good at night photos.

University of Innsbruck
Where the Institute on World Legal Problems took place.

Opening Gala at Schloss Ambras
7 Juli 2003

Nick dressed up for the opening gala

Schloss Ambras, and a Peacock
This Renaissance castle was built by Archduke Ferdinand II of Tyrol in the 16th Century.

Schloss Ambras

Castle musicians play for the opening gala at Schloss Ambras

Students and teachers gala at the opening gala

View from Schloss Ambras

Knights - Schloss Ambras museum

Knights - Schloss Ambras museum

A fancy chair - Schloss Ambras museum
Nick thought it was an electric chair or some other torture device

View of Innsbruck from Schloss Ambras

Reception in honor of the absent Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
15 Juli 2003

Barocksaal Ballroom
Hotel Europa Tyrol

Barocksaal Ballroom
Hotel Europa Tyrol

Nick, his poorly-tied tie, and a new friend from San Antonio.

Rudolfsbrunnen Fountain
A fountain, discovered while wandering around with St. Mary's students. I believe it to be the Rudolfsbrunnen Fountain, installed on Bozner Platz Square in 1877 to commemorate Tirol's 500 years as part of the Austrian federation (1363-1863).

It's a European compact!!!
A "Smart Car" and the two Texans who later graciously invite Nick to accompany their group to Prague