Junket to Austria Photo Gallery - Feldkirch, Austria

Vorarlberg Province

The Gateway to Liechtenstein

13 Juli 2003

Named for a defense cannon adorned with lion and cat heads, the "Tower of Cats" was built in the years 1491-1507.

Named for a medieval powder magazine, the Pulverturm was built in the second half of the 15th Century.

The River Ill
Tributary to the Rhine, the rivers meet somewhere between Austria and France.

Named for a passage to the River Ill, the "water tower" was built as a part of the city wall by 1482.

Katzenturm & McDonalds

Schattenburg Schloss
From the early 1200s until 1390, the castle was the seat of the Counts of Montfort, who dominated the Vorarlberg region.

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